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What is Stamping?

What is Stamping?

Stamping is the process of taking sheet metal and converting it into various shapes through several techniques and processes. In this process, sheet metal in the form of a coil or a blank is placed inside of  stamping press in which a tool called a “die” makes the part into the desired shape.
It starts by placing a coil of steel onto a mount called a “coil” reel. This reel unravels the coil and passes the metal through a device called a “straightener”. A straightener does exactly what it sounds like, it straightens the loop out of the steel so it can go into the press flat. The metal comes out of the straightener and enters the die and press where it gets cut, formed, and more into a finished part. The metal goes in as a flat coil and comes out of the die a finished part!


Check out this video below to see it in action!