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Resistance Welding

Resistance Welding

After we finish stamping your part, we have the ability to perform resistance welding operations on your components as well. By resistance welding in house, we are able to reduce the steps in the supply chain which ends up saving you both time and money. We are also able to coordinate quality issues between primary and secondary operations in order to solve issues before they ever reach your door.

Quality at the Source

Our welders use a camera system tied into the operator controls to prevent a bad part from being made in the first place. The camera looks for the nut on the part and makes sure it is in the right space and positioned correctly. If it likes what it sees, it will let the operator complete the cycle and weld the part. If something is wrong, it will prevent the welder from fully cycling and making the part. We get the parts right at the source!
Along with visual defect detection from our camera systems, we employ a number of other tests to ensure your part is functional after completing the weld. Threads are checked with a thread gauge to ensure they are free of debris and will be able to be fastened further down the line. The weld strength can be tested through either a torque test, pushout test, or a combination of both. Any issues can then be quickly adjusted on the welder to ensure your parts are made correctly every time.