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Questions we thought you might have
What If I have no experience in stamping?

Many of our employees began with little knowledge of the stamping process. If you work hard and are willing to learn, we have no problem teaching you!

What are the working conditions like?

Melting is not done in-house, so the high temperatures associated with a foundry or steel mill aren’t an issue. Our workspace is climate controlled and brightly lit! It can be loud and oily sometimes, but so can a car engine!

What does a career in stamping look like?

In a stamping plant, there is plenty of room for growth. Starting off as an operator, you can move up to a die setter, and eventually a team lead. From there, you can move into die maintenance or even undergo training to build and design new die tools!

Is it safe?

North Central Stamping goes a long way to ensure proper training and maintenance of machinery to ensure the safety of all employees at the plant. Monthly safety huddles hit important safety topics to keep everyone up to date with safety!

What does a die-setup technician do?

Die set-up technicians are the operators in charge of placing the dies in the press and getting them set up correctly. A lot goes into the process and an incorrect setup can be the difference between getting a good part, or no part at all.